Sep 152020
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Shake your bam bam, bee bop de boo, woohoo…..anyway you like to dance and sing, this is your week because Dancefit is starting in real time, at Empingham, yippee do dah! We are meeting on Wednesdays at 1035am and Fridays at 915am – there are a few places for tomorrow’s class but this Friday is fully booked  – subsequent classes are becoming booked too so if you do fancy coming along please contact me on 07827 665916 to book your place!

So I do hope that our Dancefit classes will still be a bundle of fun and joy and you will work out really hard but there will be some changes because of Covid 19 so I just wanted to let you know what these changes will be and also what you need to bring to class:

* on Wednesdays there will be a Pilates class before Dancefit so please can you try and get to class not too early and not to wait in the hall itself- the fewer people we have in the hall the better!  Of course there is the entrance hall and outside to wait in but to make sure there is reduced cross over of people the better.  This will also give me to time to antibac any public surfaces such as door handles.
* there will be an entrance and exit for all classes at Empingham to reduce cross over of people – so the main entrance will be the ….entrance and the fire exit will be the ….exit…this is good!
* Empingham Audit Hall have outshone in the antibac stakes – there is anti bac handwipes, sprays and wipes so please anti bac your hands before you enter and exit the hall.
* class numbers have been reduced to ensure social distancing.
* please sign in to classes using the register and please leave your contact details – this way if I am advised if any client has developed Covid 19 symptoms and were recently in class I will contact all other clients and the Public Health Authority to discuss the class, identify people who have been in contact with them and I will take advice on any actions or precautions that should be taken.
* you are all such sensible people but I just need to say that if you are displaying Covid 19 symptoms such as a new continuous cough, loss of smell and/or fever/high temperature please do not attend class.  See the NHS  and Government’s websites for guidance.
* it would be great if you could pay via bank transfer, if not I am still taking cash and cheques

We will still have lots of fun and laughter but I just wanted to let you know how seriously I am taking the guidance from the Government  – we have worked so hard to get to this point and I’m going to make sure we do all in our power to continue with our classes safely and effectively.
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