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‘I can strongly recommend DanceFit and Pilates classes with lovely Louise. The groups which I attend are effective, fun and friendly. Louise is inspirational in the way she encourages everyone at their own level and pace so that no one experiences any injury by overdoing an exercise.’  Mrs H

My sister and I see Louise for a private Pilates session, once a week.  My sister was suffering really badly with her flexibility being a keen cyclist.  I however went to find more out about Pilates because I had heard of its benefits but never felt confident in going to a class on my own.  Louise was fantastic as she balanced very professionally both of our needs.   She makes sure that each session is based around both of us.  My sister is nearly there in touching her toes (she started very far away from her toes!) and I now thoroughly enjoy Pilates and attend one of Louise’s classes as well as our private session.  Louise is a true inspiration.  Natalie Hetfield

I was extremely overweight and the doctor had told me that I was on my way to becoming diabetic due to my lack of exercise and extra weight I was carrying.  Earlier this year I was introduced to Louise’s DanceFit class! I attended one class and that’s all it took to get my hooked. I couldn’t believe that I was exercising. Not only did I lose weight, I was having such a fun time. I have now lost 21 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, and I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Louise! – Carol Whitely

“Louise’s Pilates classes are educational, inspiring and great fun. She demonstrates all the exercises slowly and clearly and takes the time to check each individual is doing them correctly, making adjustments where necessary. She adapts each exercise to make it easier (for Beginners) or more challenging (for those with experience of Pilates).The classes are hard work but rewarding – I soon felt the benefits of improved posture, circulation, strength and stamina and generally felt far more relaxed.” Sarah W

I started attending Louise’s Pilates classes at Barnack Village Hall two months shy of my 72nd birthday. I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the class, plus I have a wrist injury.  I strove to follow Louise’s instructions, along with the other students some of whom were my age and some who were half my age. After one hour of exercising and stretching my body, I expected to have muscle aches, however I felt wonderful!  Louise makes sure that each person finds a level of exercise and pace that they feel comfortable with.  I will continue to attend her class, hopefully for a long time. I have come to appreciate Louise’s kindness, happiness and professionalism. Sarah Walker

Louise’s classes are a fun way to get fit, it doesn’t matter how tired I am, or if I’ve had a bad day, Louise’s enthusiasm and sense of fun soon draw me in and, by the end of the class, I feel much better.  Alison

Since I have been seeing Louise for some Pilates 1 to 1 training, my lower back complaint has eased and improved considerably.  She has shown great care and attention to detail to make sure that the exercises are making both my core and my back stronger.  She is a superb teacher who is very patient and will go through the exercise until I am comfortable with it.  I would immediately recommend Louise to anyone! Andrew Carr

As soon as I go to Louise’s Pilates class, I feel relaxed almost at once.  She has a very gentle way of teaching, however I can always feel as if I have worked out the next day!  I always have a great nights sleep after a class. Steve P

Louise’s DanceFit classes are so much fun – I am too busy giggling to worry if I am doing the wrong steps.  Louise plays a whole range of music which entertains the whole age range that attend.  I always come away feeling I have burnt a good amount of calories but in a fun way!  I’ve always disliked exercising but this has converted me and I am now attending 3 of Louise’s classes a week! E Berry

Late last year I had never done Pilates before but had heard from a friend how much she enjoyed Louise’s Pilates classes at Ketton so I decided to attend a class.  I wanted to work on my tummy as it hadn’t been the same since I had my baby 2 years ago.  Now I’m not going to say that I have found all of the exercises easy, I hadn’t exercised in 2 years so felt pretty out of shape – it took me a few classes to understand how exactly to strengthen my core  and how to hold my posture, however Louise motivated me and explained very clearly all of the moves!   I have never felt confident to speak out in a class situation but Louise makes the classes so personal and relaxed that I feel happy to ask questions.  Our group is so friendly it is like meeting up with friends each week.  My core has improved so much and I am holding myself much more confidently!   Catherine Stewart

I am a DanceFitholic and am not ashamed to admit it!  I was introduced to Louise’s DanceFit classes last year  and instantly loved them. I hate cardio workouts….crosstrainers, bike, treadmill – I always got bored and I need motivation. But with Louise’s DanceFit classes, I am having so much fun, I am laughing and sweating and am wishing the class not to end.  A big thank you to Louise for making classes so fun, your choreography is great, very simple yet effective.     Hillary Kiddle

I am more aware of my body and my posture – my flexibility has improved, I am stronger, more relaxed and toned. I feel so energised after each class, I wish I could do more sessions! Mr Karia

I have finally found a solution to my upper back issues so thank you so much Louise.  I have had years of discomfort so thought I would try a 1 to 1 Pilates session with Louise as recommended to me by my physiotherapist.  It was the best thing I have every done and can now move freely. Miss S Bing

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to share my private Pilates session with my daughter, Kate. This has been a special time for us and we love what the classes are doing for our bodies.  My daughter has a particually stressful job so Louise brings an element of relaxation to our session.  My son, when he is home from university, also joins us for a small group Pilates session that Louise handles with aplomb, dealing with each of our individual issues.  Mrs Corbeth


Before you take part in any of my classes or take a personal Pilates session you will need to to download my “Health Screening Questionnaire” please click here and bring this fully filled in to your first class with me. Thank you in advance.

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