Nov 262015

Don’t let it be a Black Friday, there are only 3 spaces left in my Mummy and Me Pilates class on Wednesdays 1-2 at Tinwell Village Hall! Make your life as vibrant as possible and book your place!

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Nov 192015
The office is a tough environment for the human body. We are not designed to spend hours sitting in meetings or hunched over computers. We’re also vulnerable to the increasing mental pressures today’s business environment places on us all.

Unsurprisingly, the two single biggest causes of workplace absenteeism in the UK today are musculoskeletal problems – chiefly back related – and stress. In 2013/4, they accounted for almost 31 and 11 million lost working days respectively.

Typically, it’s office workers and executives who are affected most, primarily the over-30’s, so senior staff are affected disproportionately.

In addition, the effect on businesses of presenteeism (attending work with a reduced level of capability due to injury, illness or stress) is even greater. The annual costs of presenteeism in the UK are in the region of £960m, compared with £750m for absenteeism.

No wonder modern HR practice focuses so strongly on a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing.

With Pilates, we’re here to help! Pilates is the ideal workout for the way we work – and live – today. Here’s why:

It’s ideal for the time poor.

Pilates is an intense, highly time-efficient full-body workout. Sessions last for an hour and each one packs in a raft of benefits. Each class helps correct posture, strengthen core muscle groups, improve flexibility, sculpt lean, toned muscles and offers cardiovascular benefits, boosting the resting metabolism, reducing body fat and helping with weight management.

It’s prehabilitative.

The focus on posture and core activation makes it a great antidote to the postural and musculoskeletal impact of so much sitting

It’s morale boosting

You feel and see the results. Fast. Making it a great way to boost self-esteem and personal motivation.

It’s a great stress-buster

The techniques require focus and concentration, so sessions are hugely absorbing; a valuable ‘time-out’ from the pressures of work. In addition, the dynamism and intensity of the workout helps generate endorphins, increasing feelings of optimism, positivity and well-being.  Plus we laugh. Lots!


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Nov 192015

If you have just give birth, congratulations on your new addition! If you’re managing to get used to the sleepless nights, and getting passed that walking zombie stage, you may be starting to think about exercising again. Our postnatal Pilates classes, Mummy and Me Pilates, are specially designed for the postnatal body and taught by fully qualified postnatal Pilates instructor, me! And the best thing is, you can bring your baby along with you too!

Our next 5 week course starts on Wednesday 2nd December 1-2pm at Tinwell Village Hall, please contact me to save your place!

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Oct 012015

Shake your Pilates mats, a new 5 week term of Mummy and Me Pilates is starting on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October at Tinwell Village Hall! We meet at 1-2 on Wednesdays and 12.30-1.30 on Thursdays. We tone the core, the pesky pelvic floor muscles, have fun AND baby can come along too! £30 for 5 weeks, please contact me to book your place!

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Oct 012015

Image result for rest from exerciseHello everyone!  Just to let you know that there will be no classes from Monday 5th – Friday 9th October, classes and personal training sessions to restart on Monday 12th October.  So you can have a week off too and look like this very relaxed man in the photo……just keep in mind that the hard work will restart on the 12th Oct!

There also will be no classes from Monday 2nd – Friday 6th November but restarting on Monday 9th Nov!

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Aug 152015
 I am starting up a new Pilates class on a Tuesday at Tinwell Village Hall starting at 1pm-2pm.  The classes will commence on Tuesday 8th September and they will follow the format of our normal Pilates class, however with a relaxation element included as well. 

This will be a Pilates class structured to enhance your posture, fitness, health and general wellbeing. The calm, controlled, flowing exercise movements provide the ideal class for mature clients, those experiencing injuries and prenatal clients, promoting mobility and improve core strength and stability.  The classes  are suitable if you are a beginner or have been practicing Pilates a little longer.  

For those of you who buy an unlimited Pilates package (£60 unlimited Pilates classes for 5 weeks) you are most welcome to come along as this will be included in your package.  If not classes are £7 for each session.  If you would like to start Pilates or restart after an absence then please join us too, it will be super to have you there!  Please contact me if you would like to book your space.
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Aug 112015

I really wish I had a drum roll for this………. I am so happy and excited to announce a new Mummy and Me Pilates class for a Thursday afternoon! Starting on Thursday 10th September at 12.30-1.30 our 5 week course will help to strengthen your body after child birth, concentrating on those cores and pelvic floor muscles and stretch your body out, particularly the upper back which can get mightily tight after all those late night feeding sessions! Most importantly you can bring baby along too! The course will cost £30 for the 5 weeks and will be held at Tinwell Village Hall. Please contact me if you would like to book your place, spaces are limited!

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