Feb 062016
Stamford Pilates
Hello everyone!
Just a quick email this week, I will save up chatting for our classes, you lucky pups!  Firstly I just wanted to share a picture with you that is making me chuckle lots at the moment:
I think a lot of people wish Pilates was an Italian restaurant!  Just think ‘100’ pizza slices or ‘Roll Downs’ into Tiramisu!
If you are interested in ordering a 16mm Pilates mat, please let me know by Wednesday 3rd February –they are £19 and come in black, blue, grey, red, yellow, pink and green.  They are extremely comfortable and will really help you find your lying down positions in Pilates, plus they come with a handy carry handle, whats not to like!
Unfortunately there will be no classes from Monday 8th February to Friday 12th February, we restart on Monday 15th February, full of beans and ready to restart classes, woohoo!
Our next 5 week package starts on Monday 15th February for Pilates and Dancefit classes so if you would like to purchase a package this is the time to do so!  The next 5 week course for Mummy and Me will begin on Wednesday 24th February, please let me know if you would like to book a place for you and your baby.
Keep your eyes peeled for future news on Dancefit and Pilates clothing – this is just on the drawing board at the moment………..keep an eye out!
Finally our next walk will be on Friday 5th February – a 5.5 mile walk around Hambleton Peninsular, meeting at 12.45 near to the Finches Arms, where I feel we should finish up for tea afterwards?!  This is a very accessible walk as the paths are all either tarmac or gravel so if you would like to come along with your buggy you would be more than welcome!  Date for the diary – Friday 19th February will be our next walk, I’m going to research possible routes and I will let you know.  For all of the walkers out there, did you see ‘Walking the Himalayas’ with Levison Wood on Channel 4……..I think a possible future route for us all, the journey took four-months with some 4 million steps sees him trekking 1,700 gruelling miles, try and watch the series if you can!
Happy and healthy regards for February!
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Jan 112016
Stamford Pilates

Hello everyone

How has your 2016 been so far? I am loving the new energy in the air and seeing everyone SO excited about health and wellness! So to celebrate in all of my classes I am giving you a gift of the ‘Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout’ – this workout got my abs burning like crazy, so I want you guys to accept this challenge, it will feature in all of my classes so keep your eyes peeled for a whole load of exercises dedicated to your core!

So for 2016 what would you like to see more of in your workouts? Legs, arms, bottom or more cardio, let me know and we can work these into more of our routines.

This week sees the start of our 5 week package, which means that you can pay £30 for 5 Pilates classes (£60 for unlimited Pilates classes), £20 for 5 Dancefit classes (£40 for unlimited Dancefit classes) or £70 for unlimited Pilates or Dancefit classes, wowser this is a toughie!  Please note that if you do buy a package all of your classes must be taken in these 5 weeks.

week 1    w/c Monday 4th January

week 2    w/c Monday 11th January

week 3    w/c Monday 18th January

week 4    w/c Monday 25th January

week 5    w/c Monday 1st February

I don’t like to talk holidays after our Christmas holiday but there will be no classes from Monday 8th February and classes will restart on Monday 15th February!

Our next 5 week Mummy and Me Pilates course will begin on Wednesday 13th January 1-2pm at Tinwell Village Hall.  Babies are very welcome or if you fancy a class that is catered towards post natal Pilates but want an hour away from your baby you are most welcome too!  I became a pre and post Natal Exercise Specialist in 2015 (I trained with Future Fit) and I’m so excited to be able to offer a class where new mums can practice Pilates, strengthen their core, become more flexible, giggle lots and also not have to worry about childcare.  I am really proud of my Mummy and Me Pilates classes!

Finally here is a list of all the classes that I run, both Pilates and Dancefit, so if you are wondering if Pilates may pique your interest or if Dancefit may be something to dedicate yourself to, here is your all encompassing list of classes!  Please let me know if you would like any more information.






Barnack Village Hall




Great Casterton Village Hall




Empingham Audit Hall




Tinwell Village Hall

Gentle Pilates

1pm – 2pm


Ketton Congregational Hall




Ketton Congregational Hall




Tinwell Village Hall

Mummy and Me Pilates

1pm – 2pm


Barnack Village Hall


10:15am – 11:15am


Empingham Audit Hall



By the way, the level of enthusiasm from this Jazzercise lady……we need this in Dancefit!

Happy and healthy regards today and in the whole of 2016!

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Dec 172015

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Over Christmas, I will be running classes up to and including Wednesday 23rd December and then restarting on Monday 4th January, have a wonderful Christmas everyone and see you on the 4th January ready to start your 2016 fitness routine!

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Dec 172015

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Can you believe it’s the middle of December already?  The Christmas holidays are coming up and it’s one of my favourite times of the year! So much celebrating, spending time with family and friends, parties and FOOD! Do you find it tough to stay on track with workouts and healthy eating? Don’t worry, most of us do, but I’m going to share with you some tips that help me stay on track during this time of year. These will help you enjoy the holidays, while still maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

#1. Allow yourself treats in moderation. Enjoy the flavours of the season, have your dessert, don’t deprive yourself, but find the balance.

#2. Drink up! Water that is. This time of year we’re so busy with running errands, stress from work, school, travelling, etc. It’s easy to get dehydrated without even realising it. Drinking water is also important after those large meals, and the next morning. This will help get all that extra sodium out of your body and you’ll feel less bloated.

#3. Schedule your workouts just like you would schedule anything else. Make a plan that fits with your holiday schedule and COMMIT to it. If you plan it, then you won’t have the excuse “I don’t have time”. Even if it’s a 30-minute workout, make it happen! Something is better than nothing.

#4. Make it a family affair! What better way to stay fit and active than getting your family to join in! Walking and talking is one of my favourite things I do with my family, plus if there is a tea break half way, pure bliss!

#5. Make sure to get enough sleep (6-8 hours). Getting adequate sleep will not only make you feel better and have more energy, but it will also boost your mood. 

#6. Live in the moment. This seems obvious, but we get so caught up in doing a million things, checking our phones and emails, when really we should be enjoying this time with our family and friends. Surrounding yourself with loved ones is the ultimate stress-reliever.  You would think that the holidays are a relaxing time, but they can be stressful for many people. With so much going on, spending more money than usual, travelling, hosting guests, and lack of sleep, it’s easy to get stressed out. If you’re someone who gets stressed easily, try to make time for yourself doing things that help you re-focus. Reading, walking and crafting are my ways to have ‘me time’.

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Dec 102015


Exercising post-birth can be a complex issue, particularly if you’ve had a difficult labour. Many mums are keen to return to their pre-pregnancy weight too quickly following birth, so it is important to take the necessary steps to ease back into exercise sensibly.

mother and baby

If you’re a new mum and thinking about taking up exercise post-birth, Pilates is a popular choice. Not only will it ease you back into exercise gently, it has proven to be highly successful in building up women’s inner core muscles following pregnancy.

Pilates classes focus on dealing with issues which may have arisen during pregnancy and labour, in particular, it targets the weakened and stretched abdominal muscles known as the pelvic floor. Furthermore, it’s a great way for mums to take some much needed time out away from the busy life that comes with being a new mum.

Take a look below at our 7 benefits to post-natal Pilates.

It’s safe

Providing you stick to the advised time period post-birth, Pilates is an extremely safe form of exercise for new mums. The current guidelines advise waiting 6 weeks for a vaginal birth and within the region of 8-12 weeks for a c-section. Once you’ve passed these timescales, you’ll be ready to start building up your inner core strength in a safe way, ensuring that long-term your body is prepared to take on everyday physical tasks with maximum ease.

Restores confidence

A study of 2000 British women reported that as many as 82% of women were unhappy with their post-natal bodies. This is perhaps not surprising considering the growing pressure from the media to be the ‘perfect’ mum and ‘have it all’ along with the rising challenges that every new mum faces. The benefit of post-natal Pilates is that it teaches you to focus on what is happening from within your body, so you are not just fixated on your physical appearance. Pilates will teach you to listen, understand and re-connect with your body as you exercise.

Restores control

Pilates shows new mums how to focus inwards and become more aware of their bodies. It offers the opportunity to learn how to gain mindful control of core muscles and this in turn is an excellent way to speed up post-natal recovery.

Improves Diastasis Rectus (DR)

Around 60% of women will experience DR during pregnancy. DR is the separation of the rectus abdominus, usually around the tummy button area. Through Pilates,  women can strengthen abdominal muscles and avoid further issues down the line such as back pain or sciatica. Pilates emphasises on the deep abdominal muscles, in particular the transverse abdominus, which helps to stabilise the lumbar spine and deal with back issues.

Improves the pelvic floor muscle

Pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of any postnatal Pilates programme These exercises also help deal with post-natal issues such as stress, incontinence and other problems that may have arisen such as a prolapse. Pilates teaches women to reconnect and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve posture, core strength and stability.

Great for well-being

Not only does post-natal Pilates greatly improve overall body conditioning, it will stretch and strengthen you in the right places. The focus is on assisting post-natal recovery as opposed to making new mums work so hard they’re too tired to do anything at the end of it.  In turn, it can have a very calming effect on a person’s mental state which is invaluable for those busy mums looking to de-stress and re-connect with their body.

It’s sociable

Post-natal Pilates is sociable. Classes will be full of other mums and babies, often looking for the chance to socialise, meaning you can meet and chat with like-minded people experiencing similar situations to your own. Furthermore, classes will provide some much needed ‘me’ time, something that can prove invaluable during the first few weeks of motherhood when time away from your baby can be precious.

Have you tried post-natel pilates? I’d love to hear what advantages and dis-advantages you found to it…

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Nov 262015

Don’t let it be a Black Friday, there are only 3 spaces left in my Mummy and Me Pilates class on Wednesdays 1-2 at Tinwell Village Hall! Make your life as vibrant as possible and book your place!

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Nov 192015
The office is a tough environment for the human body. We are not designed to spend hours sitting in meetings or hunched over computers. We’re also vulnerable to the increasing mental pressures today’s business environment places on us all.

Unsurprisingly, the two single biggest causes of workplace absenteeism in the UK today are musculoskeletal problems – chiefly back related – and stress. In 2013/4, they accounted for almost 31 and 11 million lost working days respectively.

Typically, it’s office workers and executives who are affected most, primarily the over-30’s, so senior staff are affected disproportionately.

In addition, the effect on businesses of presenteeism (attending work with a reduced level of capability due to injury, illness or stress) is even greater. The annual costs of presenteeism in the UK are in the region of £960m, compared with £750m for absenteeism.

No wonder modern HR practice focuses so strongly on a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing.

With Pilates, we’re here to help! Pilates is the ideal workout for the way we work – and live – today. Here’s why:

It’s ideal for the time poor.

Pilates is an intense, highly time-efficient full-body workout. Sessions last for an hour and each one packs in a raft of benefits. Each class helps correct posture, strengthen core muscle groups, improve flexibility, sculpt lean, toned muscles and offers cardiovascular benefits, boosting the resting metabolism, reducing body fat and helping with weight management.

It’s prehabilitative.

The focus on posture and core activation makes it a great antidote to the postural and musculoskeletal impact of so much sitting

It’s morale boosting

You feel and see the results. Fast. Making it a great way to boost self-esteem and personal motivation.

It’s a great stress-buster

The techniques require focus and concentration, so sessions are hugely absorbing; a valuable ‘time-out’ from the pressures of work. In addition, the dynamism and intensity of the workout helps generate endorphins, increasing feelings of optimism, positivity and well-being.  Plus we laugh. Lots!


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Nov 192015

If you have just give birth, congratulations on your new addition! If you’re managing to get used to the sleepless nights, and getting passed that walking zombie stage, you may be starting to think about exercising again. Our postnatal Pilates classes, Mummy and Me Pilates, are specially designed for the postnatal body and taught by fully qualified postnatal Pilates instructor, me! And the best thing is, you can bring your baby along with you too!

Our next 5 week course starts on Wednesday 2nd December 1-2pm at Tinwell Village Hall, please contact me to save your place!

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