Jun 052015

Hello everyone

You have the week off woohoo as there will be no classes from Monday 8th June and we will restart on Monday 15th June, ready to work super hard!

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Jun 022015

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I have some super news for you all, news of a new class that I am starting this month – please let me introduce Mummy and Baby Pilates!  This is a brand new class focusing on those areas of the body affected by childbirth and what is so brilliant is that the babies can come along to class too, so no need for childcare!  We will be focusing on building up core strength, working on those pesky pelvic floor muscles and building up your general strength and flexibility.  It will be a relaxed yet focused class involving baby, so if baby cries, no worries, if she wants feeding, no problem at all, if he needs changing, go ahead!  I want you and baby to be as relaxed and happy as possible in order to work out, woohoo!  Mums, you will just need to have been signed off by your health visitor to come along to class (6 weeks after birth or 12 weeks after a C section) and obviously fill out a post natal health questionnaire.
Our first 5 week course of Mummy and Baby Pilates will be starting on Wednesday 24th June at Ryhall Village Hall at 1pm-2pm.  The 5 week course will cost £30.  The class will consist of a warm up, Pilates exercises and stretches rebuilding those important muscles weakened during pregnancy, working around baby so they are incorporated too, perhaps a cheeky nursery rhyme sing-along and finally some time at the end of the session for relaxation with your baby.  An added bonus will be time at the end of the class to chat to other mums and to let the babies socialise too.
Please let me know if you would like any more information and would like to book your space on this course, my number is 07827 665916.  Please pass this email on to anyone who think may be interested!
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May 212015
 Image result for fit for lifeEvery year, lots of us sign up for some kind of physical challenge, whether that’s something as simple as deciding to run to and from work or joining a Pilates or Dancefit class, a triathlon, or The Rat Race at Burghley perhaps.

While it’s admirable that we’ll spend so much time and effort preparing for something that will take a few hours of our time, we often don’t train to help us meet the single biggest physical challenge of our lives – everyday life.

Let’s face it; 21st century life isn’t always that good for us. We can be time-poor, often stressed and sedentary (even the most disciplined exercisers spend most of their waking hours sitting down). And we often spend most of our day in a slouched forward-flexed position that our bodies were simply not designed for. (I’m doing it as I type this, neutral spine Louise!). Our cars, sofas and TVs encourage this same flexed forward, weak posture. This causes tightness through our chest and neck, weakness and stiffness through our upper back – which often causes the lower back to take the load. And rather than have full natural movement through our whole spine, we start to move through just two or three vertebrae – both inefficient and damaging.

Image result for person slumping at computerIts no wonder that 85% of UK adults suffer with back and neck pain, what a worrying figure.

So maybe we should ensure our bodies are fit for life, and ready to compete in the modern world.

I like to make sure that all of my classes deliver workouts designed to address the underlying issues of modern life. They are are specifically designed to strengthen our weaker muscles, stretch our tight muscles and correct postural imbalances – while also delivering an intense, time-efficient full body workout. And because they’re upbeat, energised and demand full focus, they’re also great stress-busters!

I want to get you fit for life, and to do so with a smile on your face!

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Apr 302015

Hello everyone

I just wanted to give you a little update on what is happening this coming Bank Holiday Monday 4th May……….well nothing really, the day is running just as normal!  So we have Barnack Pilates at 11.15am and then Great Casterton Pilates at 6.15pm, same time, same place for both classes, really hope to see you there!

On Thursday 7th May, in case you haven’t noticed is the General Election – now I’m really interested in seeing how the day unfolds, however in my opinion, the bigger news of the day is that our Barnack class at 10.15am cannot be held in the normal hall due to it being used as a polling station.  No, the excitement is that we are holding the class in Uffington Church instead!  There is the most beautiful chapel/hall with a splendid stain glass window which is where our Pilates class will be held at 10.15am on Thursday 7th May, just for this day only.  The address is St Michaels Church, Main Road, Uffington, Lincolnshire, PE9 4SN.  Just come straight into the church and I will be there waiting for you.  This will be a wonderful place for us to practice Pilates, it really will be an experience to remember.

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Apr 022015

Our Dancefit class on Friday 3rd Apri at 9.30am will be running as normal, I hope to see you there to burn off some of that Easter chocolate!


Classes on Monday 6th April are running a little differentlythis year – our Great Casterton class will be running at 9.30am just for this day only and our class at Barnack will be running as normal at 11.15am.  It would be lovely to see you there!

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Apr 022015
Stamford Pilates
Hello everyone
Back by popular demand (ok not popular but my mum likes it!) April is now called #APRILates, I don’t want to ignore those of you who don’t do Pilates but Dancefit’s time will come!
So we are coming up to Easter and I just wanted to let you know about the Easter timetable over this weekend – well Friday 3rd April we are at Empingham Audit Hall for Dancefit at 9.30am which is all as normal. However on Monday 6th April I will be running our Great Casterton class in the morning at 9.30am instead of 6.15pm and Barnack will be as normal at 11.15am – this is just for this week only and the following week Great Casterton will be back to normal, phewee!  Please come and join us and hopefully it will make you smile
Our next 5 week package starts next week, full details of prices can be found at http://www.stamfordpilates.co.uk/class-timetable/.  So the 5 weeks will look like this:
w/c Monday 6th April
w/c Monday 13th April
w/c Monday 20th April
w/c Monday 27th April
w/c Monday 4th May (May already?!)
Packages are a really great motivational tool and also it means that you don’t have to carry around change to class each week!
Are you or is anyone you know interested in coming along to a pre-natal Pilates class?  I am thinking of putting on a new class for mothers to be where the Pilates exercises will concentrate on all areas that will help keep you strong and supply during pregnancy.  The class would be run through the day so if you are interested or indeed know someone who is please let me know!
Would anyone like to buy a mat for £19?  We had a huge order a couple of months ago but demand is great so I’m going to put another order in:
16mm Pilates mat£19 and come in a range of colours, easy to clean with a non-slip texture.  The size of each mat is: 182cm x 60cm x 16mm.
Dark Green    Black Dark BluePinkPurpleRed
Please let me know if you would like a mat by Wednesday 8th April and please may I have payment by this time too.
A most lovely lady Jinny who comes along to my Dancefit class on a Friday morning has written the most brilliant and moorish cake and treats recipe book, it is called Time for Tea and I literally want to make most of the recipes!  She has written the book for a local charity called Headway which is a brain injury charity.  The books cost £12.99 and all profits will go to Headway, I will carry copies of the book around with me so if you are interested please come and see me, it would be great if we could sell out!
Thank you all for your support!
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Mar 092015
Stamford Pilates
Hello everyone!
How is your #MarchoftheMotivated going i.e. are you super motivated in March or just a little bit wah wah?  You know that you want to look and feel fitter and healthier. You know that you will feel better after a workout, yet you just can’t bridge the gap between lying on the sofa, thinking about exercise and actually doing it.  Knowing what is good for you and wanting to do it is, alone, not sufficient to make sustainable behaviour changes.  The problem for many of us is that exercise is not a habit or routine but an obligation or a chore and for that reason is readily pushed off the agenda. The hard part about getting fit is starting, once you get into a rhythm of regular exercise, it becomes a habit and you just get on with it.  In fact a a study from the University of Alberta found just that: people who exercise regularly don’t spend time weighing up the pros and cons of a workout.
So what are you waiting for, let March be your strongest month so far, let it be your ‘’#MarchoftheMotivated, we can work out together, we are stronger as a team!  However if this fails, please have a giggle at this picture, it always helps me!

                                                                                             ………you should! You will not regret it I promise.

So what’s going on in March?  Well we have started our new DanceFit routine and I really must apologise for how I make you dance and also to the music, pure cheese but we seem to love it and definitely feel able to let our hair down, which in my mind makes the classes so motivational for me too!  Thank you!

With a new month comes a new monthly challenge in Pilates.  After asking you all, what you wanted to focus on this month, it was CLEAR that thighs and bums were going to be our next target.  So without further ado, your wish is my command, in fact Barnack have already experienced this focus this week, I must remember to ask them how they felt after class, hopefully I can report back with no foul language!!

Our beginners Pilates classes on a Thursday morning at 11.30-12.15 will be running for another 5 weeks starting on Thursday 19th March, if you would like to join us please let me know.  We will still be looking at the fundamentals of Pilates, however you will sweat and feel like you have worked, sometimes the smallest moves require the biggest effort!

Alrightly my friends, please let me know your comments and tell me if you are in!  If you could send this email to one other person in your life, just one, to be a leader and motivator in someone’s life and spread our Stamford Pilates positivity and motivation, oh yeah!

Happy regards


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