Aug 102020

Hello lovely people and what a fine day it is today – are you keeping cool?  I’m so not, I just keep harrumphing and saying I’m hot!!

Anyway back to the case in hand, this week is such a special week for us as the first of our Pilates classes are restarting, woohoo!!  There is one space left on Wednesday’s class if anyone would like to book this last place, please contact me on 07827 665916.

The classes will be the same format as before with lots of sweating, grunting and laughing but obviously with some restrictions in place, so here is a little list of how the sessions will work out:

  • The main entrance into Empingham Audit Hall will be the entrance and the fire door will be the exit so that we have a little organisation in the hall regarding the passing of people.
  • There is such a fab sanitising station at the entrance of the hall – the committee has thought of everything so if you could sanitise your hands as you come into the hall and leave the hall that would be great.  There is antibacterial spray and wipes just in case you need to wash anything down.
  • The hall is thoroughly cleaned by the committee and has had a massive deep clean over lockdown.
  • My technical team and I – that is Tim, Harry and myself! have measured the hall to see how many people can attend the class with social distancing and we have worked out that with a 2 meter gap between us all that works out to be 8 people plus me.  So there will be plenty of space for everyone to social distance themselves.
  • This may make some people’s year, nay millennium but we aren’t using the Pilates rings! However as before please can you bring your own mat and maybe a couple of weights – that could be your actual dumbells, tins of beans or big books – there is no judgement, bring whatever is safe and you can lift!!
  • The kitchen in the hall will be locked so please make sure that you bring enough water for the whole session as it will be a sweatfest as we have MONTHS to catch up on….that will work out as 15 minute plank if thats ok?!
  • All of the toilets will be open with hand sanitiser…..thank goodness!
  •  You are so welcome to wear a face mask – I won’t be wearing one as I want you to be able to hear what I say – there will be plenty of ventilation too.  I won’t have the music on too loud so that I don’t have to shout……well unless we don’t smash the 15 minute plank!!
  • You can either pay me on the day with cash or pay me via BACS with the details that can be found below.
  • I will be so excited to see you all that there will be lots of air/socially distanced welcome backs, you may have to just calm me down! Apart from that it will still be the same happy, relaxed class that it always has been – if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So I shall see you at the following times this week:

Wednesday 12th August 9.15am, Pilates at Empingham Audit Hall

Friday 14th August 915am Pilates at Empingham Audit Hall.

Places are being booked up for the following weeks, in fact some weeks only have 2/3 spaces left so please do contact me if you would like to book your place!I

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