Apr 272020
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Week 6 – are you into the swing of things yet?!

Some of you have also been telling me how hard you are finding it to keep fit and active during lockdown as we have been thrown off of our fitness routines. So I think that working out at home takes some planning and it’s harder to find motivation. But you know what? Staying active is seriously keeping me healthy and positive. And that is really important for all of us right now. 

If you’ve been struggling to find the motivation to workout, here are some tips to help about working out at home:

1. Schedule your home workout!

Pencil. It. In! I really like to physically write everything down, from to-do lists to my paper diary but you can use your phone calendar or whatever schedule you want. No matter what you pick, include your workout on your schedule. Make it part of your routine!

2. Lay out your workout clothes the night before

Get your workout clothes and lay it out before you go to bed. When you wake up, you’ll instantly remind yourself about your workout. Maybe you can even go a step further and actually put your workout outfit on as soon as you wake up. Once you’re dressed, you’re committed, right?! Plus – that outfit is going make you feel strong and ready to go go go.

3. Make it part of your routine

First, figure out what time of day you feel BEST working out. I’m a morning person and I need to start my day with some movement. If I workout too late in the day, I just feel sluggish the whole time. Make your workout part of your routine, when you know you’ll be the most motivated.

4. Commit to at least starting

Motivation is like a mind game sometimes. Most of the time if I don’t feel like working out, I know that I’ll feel better if I just start. I think getting started is the hardest part for a lot of us, right?! So commit to doing the warm up, or commit to doing 10 minutes. Once you start moving, you’ll feel energised and ready to complete the rest of your workout.

5. Create a dedicated space to workout at home

Do you have to have a fancy home gym? Not at all, I work out in our dininig room, once I have moved the dining table and Harry’s toys! However you can dedicate a small area as your workout space – I’ve seen pictures of you working out in your conservatory, bedroom, kitchen and even outside!  Having your Pilates mat and light weights in sight will make it easier to feel motivated.

Hopefully this helps if you’ve been struggling to find your groove at home! Remember this is temporary and you need to keep moving to take care of yourself! Staying home may be stressful, but exercise will help. What are some other ways you stay motivated to workout at home?

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