My name is Louise and I teach Pilates, Zumba and Aerobics classes and am a Pilates Personal Trainer in and around Stamford, Lincolnshire. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2004 when I was inspired to train as an Exercise to Music instructor at my local gym. I always loved being fit and healthy but it was exciting to realise that I could make a career out of it! In 2010 I qualified to become an Advanced Pilates Instructor, this was a lot of hard work but thoroughly enjoyable. It allowed me to intensely study the human form, allowing me to be fully confident in training all types of people. I was rewarded with the highest Pilates qualification in the UK, Level 3 in Mat Pilates Advanced. This then led me to become a Pilates Personal Trainer where I teach lots of different people, of all ages and abilities. Having built a good reputation as a Pilates specialist, most new clients are referrals from other clients, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and GP's  Underpinning all classes is my's focus on knowing each client individually. The fun of teaching Zumba classes soon followed! Zumba is such great fun to teach, in my classes we have such a laugh and a good old sweat! 
I teach  classes in  Stamford, Barnack, Empingham, Ketton and Edith Weston. I also teach private and shared Pilates sessions.  

If you would like any more information please email me at louise@stamfordpilates.co.uk or ring me on 07827 665916
. I am a Level 3 Advanced Pilates Instructor on the Register of Exercise Professionals, qualified in Exercise to Music, a member of Fitpro, have my own insurance and a hold Zumba®  licences.

Jan 102020

With every new year that passes I am almost guaranteed to see on the front of newspapers, magazines, on the television and pretty much every where else, adverts welcoming in the New Year with the slogan *New Year, New You*.  It doesn’t matter what gender or age you are there seems to be a pressure to change yourself – becoming fitter, slimmer, more polished, having to do more things to change, usually at a high expense – mainly to be a better person.

Well I really don’t like this!!!

Please don’t feel under pressure to set yourself goals, make resolutions or make changes at this time of the year, small goals such as being kinder to yourself are just as important!  And I definately believe that actually we are all pretty great as we are!  Instead of feeling you have to make a radical change other small things, such as taking 5 minutes for yourself or coming along to a class to meet new people are also great achievements.

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Oct 072019

Our new Pilates class at Tallington Village Hall started today, Monday 7th October at 930am – 10.30am.  Over 15 of you joined us for this new mixed ability Pilates class which is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The hall, which has been recently renovated, is perfect for our Pilates needs with lovely parquet flooring, a clean, bright room with lots of space to stretch and exercise in!

If you would like to come also along and join this class, whether you are a newcomer to Pilates or someone who has been practising a little longer, we would love to see you there – I have been told that our classes are fun, non competitive and extremely welcoming which is a wonderful appraisal of my classes and something that I always want to aspire to.  Please contact me for more details!

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Sep 202019

There will be no classes for two weeks now from Monday 23rd September to Friday 4th October! We restart on Monday 7th October so see you then!

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Aug 212019

Well this is very exciting news – this has been my project over the last few months, designing and creating new workout wear and I really do hope you like the results!  The slogans were inspired by you all – ‘Dancefit hair, don’t care’ came up in class one day when we had all danced terribly hard and the impact could be seen on our hair, sticking up fringes, sweat dripping down our brows, but did we care? WE DID NOT!  That sums up our Dancefit classes – we have fun, work out extremely hard and are a lovely community where we support each other and we feel relaxed enough to have ‘Dancefit hair’ and not to care!  The Pilates slogan ‘Happy Days, Fully Body Stretch’ was constructed around our most favourite Pilates exercise/stretch EVER!! We do seem to like a full body stretch don’t we?! I couldn’t have used any other slogan for this t-shirt.

The t-shirt and vest are unisex and are so comfortable – they are so good to work out in, stretchy and most importantly not clingy!  The vest and the t-shirt at £15 each and each design an be swapped between either the vest or the t-shirt, it is however you want your new top to look like.

The tops come in either royal blue, as seen in the pictures, or a lovely navy blue and the sizes are as follows:
Ladies Sizing
XS 8
S 10
M 12
L 14
XL 16
2XL 18

Mens Sizing to fit chest (in)
S 35 – 37
M 38 – 40
L 41 – 43
XL 44 – 46
2XL 47 – 49

If you would like to order a vest or t-shirt please may I have your order by Wednesday 4th September, stating your top design, vest or t-shirt, which logo you would like on the front, your size and what colour you would like your top to be.  I also have some spare t-shirts/vests if you would like to see what size you would like to buy.

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Aug 212019

Just a reminder that there won’t be any classes next week, oh no!  From Monday 26th August until Friday 30th August, I will be on holiday and classes will restart on Monday 2nd September!  This coincides beautifully with our 5 week package which will start the week we get back.  Have a great week everyone.

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Aug 092019

*Attention, everyone who attends Barnack Pilates class*

I am so sorry to have to tell you that our start at Tallington Village Hall on a Monday has had to be delayed because the building work that is going on there to make the hall super duper new hasn’t finished yet.  I was only told about this today so I’m sorry to mess you about – we will now be starting at Tallington Hall on Monday 9th September at 9.30am.  In the mean time we will be continuing at Barnack Village Hall at 11.15am until then.  Could I ask that those who come along to our Barnack class, could you email or text me to say you have had receipt of this email (although I will be emailing all individuals as well)

I was so excited to be going to our new hall so we will just have to wait until Monday 9th September!

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May 022019

Hello everyone

Just to let you know that on Monday 6th May, this coming bank holiday, there will only be the one class running and that will be at Great Casterton at 6.15pm.  There will be no Pilates class at Barnack on 6th May, so please put up your feet……..or join us at Great Casterton in the evening!

All other classes will be running as normal that week and on Monday 13th May, the timetable will be as normal.

Enjoy your weekend!

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