About DanceFit


DanceFit is a fun, energetic dance based fitness class, open to all ages, any ability and any two left feet!  We smile lots and get fit.  You certainly do not have to have any dance experience, we don’t we just like to move and have fun in fact it sums up everything that I love about exercise!  It is a very easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party, open to everyone, and especially those who want to get fit without realising it!

Classes are £7 each, please wear comfortable clothing and trainers, bring water and a big smile on your face!

To book your place or for more information please ring Louise on 07827 665916 or email louise@stamfordpilates.co.uk

What to expect:

  • To have no idea what you’re doing at first! Just pick up the steps where you can, laugh, shake and have fun as the more often you go, the easier it gets.  No one is there to judge so just dance like no one is watching!
  • To burn lots of calories. I typically burn 500-600, while some of my students with heart rate monitors have burned upwards of 1,000.
  • Get ready to become hooked! DanceFit is so much fun-a lot more fun than running on the treadmill or working out alone.

Please have a look under timetable for a list of DanceFit classes.

To read testimonials from some of my clients please click here.

Before you take part in any of my classes or take a personal Pilates session you will need to to download my “Health Screening Questionnaire” please click here and bring this fully filled in to your first class with me. Thank you in advance.

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