Jan 102020

With every new year that passes I am almost guaranteed to see on the front of newspapers, magazines, on the television and pretty much every where else, adverts welcoming in the New Year with the slogan *New Year, New You*.  It doesn’t matter what gender or age you are there seems to be a pressure to change yourself – becoming fitter, slimmer, more polished, having to do more things to change, usually at a high expense – mainly to be a better person.

Well I really don’t like this!!!

Please don’t feel under pressure to set yourself goals, make resolutions or make changes at this time of the year, small goals such as being kinder to yourself are just as important!  And I definately believe that actually we are all pretty great as we are!  Instead of feeling you have to make a radical change other small things, such as taking 5 minutes for yourself or coming along to a class to meet new people are also great achievements.

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