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Well this is very exciting news – this has been my project over the last few months, designing and creating new workout wear and I really do hope you like the results!  The slogans were inspired by you all – ‘Dancefit hair, don’t care’ came up in class one day when we had all danced terribly hard and the impact could be seen on our hair, sticking up fringes, sweat dripping down our brows, but did we care? WE DID NOT!  That sums up our Dancefit classes – we have fun, work out extremely hard and are a lovely community where we support each other and we feel relaxed enough to have ‘Dancefit hair’ and not to care!  The Pilates slogan ‘Happy Days, Fully Body Stretch’ was constructed around our most favourite Pilates exercise/stretch EVER!! We do seem to like a full body stretch don’t we?! I couldn’t have used any other slogan for this t-shirt.

The t-shirt and vest are unisex and are so comfortable – they are so good to work out in, stretchy and most importantly not clingy!  The vest and the t-shirt at £15 each and each design an be swapped between either the vest or the t-shirt, it is however you want your new top to look like.

The tops come in either royal blue, as seen in the pictures, or a lovely navy blue and the sizes are as follows:
Ladies Sizing
XS 8
S 10
M 12
L 14
XL 16
2XL 18

Mens Sizing to fit chest (in)
S 35 – 37
M 38 – 40
L 41 – 43
XL 44 – 46
2XL 47 – 49

If you would like to order a vest or t-shirt please may I have your order by Wednesday 4th September, stating your top design, vest or t-shirt, which logo you would like on the front, your size and what colour you would like your top to be.  I also have some spare t-shirts/vests if you would like to see what size you would like to buy.

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