Nov 182021

You absolute wonderful people have been such a fantastic support for all of my classes over these last 5 weeks, I cannot thank you enough!

Our Pilates class at Carlby on a Monday morning 930am is getting rather full and lovely so I’ve decided to put another Pilates class on afterwards just for the 4 or 5 weeks before Christmas!  How great is that??
So our new Pilates class will start on Monday 22nd November at 1045am and will run until either Monday 13th or Monday 20th December inclusive (depending on when we stop for Christmas).  The class will run for an hour and will cost £8 or you can come as part of our existing 5 week package)

If you already come along to the 930am class, would you like to swap to the later class, I know that some of you like a later start, plus it would give you more room in class – please get in touch to book your place!

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