Aug 092019

*Attention, everyone who attends Barnack Pilates class*

I am so sorry to have to tell you that our start at Tallington Village Hall on a Monday has had to be delayed because the building work that is going on there to make the hall super duper new hasn’t finished yet.  I was only told about this today so I’m sorry to mess you about – we will now be starting at Tallington Hall on Monday 9th September at 9.30am.  In the mean time we will be continuing at Barnack Village Hall at 11.15am until then.  Could I ask that those who come along to our Barnack class, could you email or text me to say you have had receipt of this email (although I will be emailing all individuals as well)

I was so excited to be going to our new hall so we will just have to wait until Monday 9th September!

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