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Hello everyone, gosh I have missed you all – here is some darn good news!

So get your trainers, lycra leotard (mmm perhaps not!) and water bottle at the ready because…….classes are restarting on Monday 11th October! (I’m not sure the amount of exclamation marks that I am using here is showing how excited I am!)  It has been far too long since we were in all class and I cannot wait to catch up with you all and really just have a gorgeous time in keeping fit and healthy.  I have missed our really fun times, our really hard plank sessions (!) and our singing along to music in Dancefit.

Some things have changed here, we have two little boys who are just divine, the most fun little poppets ever – Harry is obsessed, as am I, with Starlight Express the musical so I’m trying to incorporate some show tunes into our classes….I’m sure you will all be so pleased with this news!

Another thing that has changed is that our Monday morning class at 930am will now be held at Carlby Village Hall – I just felt that we needed a hall that was big enough to give us space in case we needed a bit more than pre-covid and Carlby Village Hall is ideal – its beautifully maintained, so clean and really importantly is a big hall.

The other thing to have changed is our classes on a Wednesday at Ketton Congregational Hall – we are now starting with our Pilates class at 915am and then Dancefit at 1030am.  This is something that we tried at Empingham Audit Hall between the two lockdowns.  The idea was that during Dancefit we do get rather hot and sweaty so therefore may be more of a risk regarding Covid, with this class coming after Pilates it will give a chance for the hall to be really cleaned afterwards without another class starting straight afterwards.  This may not be forever but I just think that we still ought to be sensible as we can and deal with the situation that we are in, safely for everyone.

With regard to Covid, I will still provide hand sanitiser for when you enter and exit the venue and also I will bring along cleaning materials that can be used if needed.  Just for the moment I am going to ask you to book onto the classes, just so that numbers can be monitored.  Please may you email me if you would like to book onto the first 5 week’s classes so that is everything from Monday 11th October until Friday 12th November, our new exciting timetable looks like this:

Monday 930am Pilates at Carlby Village Hall
615pm Pilates at Casterton Church Hall

Wednesday 915am Pilates at Ketton Congregational Hall
1030am Dancefit at Ketton Congregational Hall

Friday 915am Dancefit at Empingham Audit Hall

So that means our 5 week packages are restarting, woohoo, can this get any more exciting?  There are no price changes for classes but please follow this link for a reminder of package and class prices

Class Timetable and Prices

Finally onto my 1-1 Pilates sessions which I have so so missed, I have missed being able to give you a fully personalised class and I have missed the glasses of Ribena that were kindly given to me! I have got to know many of you so well through these sessions and I think they are just a brilliant way to get what you want out of a session, if that is a stronger core, stretching of the hamstrings or building up strength generally.  It may even be something you are interested in as a beginner to Pilates or even as a reminder for those who haven’t done regular Pilates sessions over these last 18 months.  If you are interested in restarting your 1-1 Pilates sessions or would like to try a one off session to get your Pilates groove, regrooving please get in touch via email or call me on 07827 665916.

So as I said this is all so exciting and I am so blooming looking forward to restarting classes – however on a personal level, please excuse any baby sick that you may see on my clothes or any Gruffalo stickers that have been stuck there!  I also keep having dreams that I turn up to class and I have forgotten the boom box, so may someone remind me the night before we restart to pack the boom box as I have images of us having to sing along to music in classes and no one needs to hear my singing!!

Toodle pip for now but see you very soon, let me know if you have any questions or queries or just to say hello!

Pilates and Zumba Instructor

Pilates and Zumba Instructor

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